Image shows a person sat at a desk looking at a laptop and making notes on a notepad. The text reads "7 of the best sites for quality, evidence-based info for EISLPs".

7 of the Best Sites for Quality, Evidence-Based Information for Early Intervention

As Speech and Language Therapists (Speech-Language Pathologists) it is crucial that we continue to develop our professional skills. But with so many sites out there, it can be hard to find the best sites for quality, evidence-based information. So, to save you a job, I’ve put together a list of 7 sites that I think every Early Intervention SLT (SLP) should bookmark today.

Picture of a person making notes in a notebook on a white desk. Text overlay reads "These sites are full of high-quality, evidence-based information for Early Intervention therapists".

1- Coffee Chats with Brookes

Coffee Chats with Brookes‘ is free series of video chats/webinars by various authors from Brookes Publishing, including experts in the field of early intervention, language development, child education, etc. 
These free chats are a great way to get evidence-based information, tips and guidance for topics which interest you most. You can watch chats live, or watch them later in the archive too, which is helpful for when you want to make notes.  There is also a webinar section, and a resource library where you can find more info too.

2- EI Northwestern Research Group (EIRG)

It is no secret that I love the team at EI Northwestern. They’ve been part of the Big EI Event on Instagram twice now, and the high-quality, evidence-based information/research they share is so helpful and informative
IMO, their whole site is invaluable for EI therapists. (Visit the EI Northwestern site here).
The resources section is particularly great; with useful research round-up blog posts (most inc. free access to the papers!), free handouts, toy recommendation lists, and more! I really think this site is a “must read” for Early Intervention therapists.

3- EI Clearinghouse

The EI Clearinghouse site includes a huge range of quality, evidence-based blog posts, handouts, video links, and more for both parents/caregivers and Early Intervention professionals. They’ve covered loads of topics too, from indoor play, to family engagement, to picky eating. So I’m sure you’ll find something useful for your Early Intervention caseload.  The site also links to a range of other sources (I’ve not checked these though), so you may fall down a rabbit hole of free resources!

Image shows a black female sat at a white desk at her laptop, making notes in a notebook. There are flowers on her desk and a sofa in the background. The text overlay reads "These sites have Free Webinars, Video libraries, EBP info, Resource lists, Free handouts, and so much more!".


The FGRBI (Family Guided Routines Based Intervention) site is bursting with evidence-based information, tip sheets, videos, guidance, and more for both parents/caregivers and Early Intervention professionals.  There is a wealth of information for parent coaching in Early Intervention.  This site is another “must read” for any therapist interested in utilising a parent coaching approach.

5- Early Intervention Strategies for Success blog at

The VEIPD site is bursting with practical, evidence-based information for Early Intervention therapists.  The first section of the site I want to highlight is the Early Intervention Strategies for Success blog.  This blog is full of useful posts designed to support therapists to “share and learn practical strategies”.  It is a great source of quality information for therapists wanting to learn more about the parent coaching approach.

6- Virginia Early Intervention Professional Development Center main site at

The main VEIPD site has a wealth of free resources, tools, webinars and e-learning modules.  There is so much information on this site, I was truly blown away. It is a great site for Early Intervention therapists to use, particularly if you’re interested in following a parent coaching approach.

7- EI Excellence

This is another site full of quality, practical, evidence-based information for Early Intervention therapists. The EI Excellence site has a huge range of resources, including a video library, blog posts, resources and links, evidence-based tips, webinars, and loads more.  If you’re keen on developing your coaching skills, this site is invaluable.

I hope you’ve found this round up of websites for Early Intervention therapists helpful.  Are there any other sites you love to visit? Let me know in the comments.

Also, if you’re keen on finding more sites where you can get quality, evidence-based information, check out my list of 8 of the Best Sites for SLPs.