The Early Intervention Handbook


The must have resource for any Early Intervention Therapist. Hundreds of play ideas and strategies provided inside! Click for more info


The Early Intervention Handbook has been designed with the Early Intervention SLP in mind.

The EI Handbook includes over 200 pages of evidence-based information, therapy ideas, and strategies, to make delivering effective therapy, easy.


Imagine how nice it would feel to have the evidence for parent-coaching, right at your fingertips.

Imagine how good it would feel to access milestones and checklists, when you need them.

Imagine not having to spend time thinking of how you can use certain language strategies during play or daily routines.

Imagine having hundreds of strategies laid out for you to choose from.

Imagine having over 200 play ideas to use in your early intervention sessions.

It would feel pretty nice, right? Well, this Early Intervention Handbook for SLPs includes all of that, and more.


This EI Handbook includes:

  • Research overview- evidence-based overview for all things early intervention. Including parent-coaching, parent-implemented interventions, routine-based interventions, play-based interventions, working with diverse families, and more.
  • Milestones- for a range of speech and language skills, including prelinguistic skills all the way to phonological processes.
  • Information for therapists- includes more evidence-based information, including practical tips and therapy ideas for a range of skills. Includes imitation, joint attention, gestures, using books in therapy, developing attention and listening skills, cause and effect skills, songs, rhymes, and fingerplays, and more.
    Also includes an overview of research related to early language strategies, as well as a breakdown of 24 different language strategies.
  • Play-based therapy ideas- Includes 30 different toys, and ideas for how to use the 24 different language strategies with these toys and games. Plus, you never have to worry about thinking of a therapy activity again, because there are over 200 play ideas included too.
  • Routine-based therapy ideas- Includes 24 language strategies, and how to use these during 21 different daily routine activities. Play ideas are also included for some of the routines too.
  • Out and About activity ideas- Includes 24 different language strategies, and ideas for how to use these with 4 different ‘out and about’ activity ideas, including going on a nature walk, going to the playground, grocery shopping, and in the car.
  • Additional useful links, recommended reading, and references also included.


Download includes:

  • Printable version- available in US and UK English.
  • No Print version- available in US and UK English. Load onto a tablet, scroll through the pages. Navigate through the handbook using the hyperlinked contents page. Return to the contents page by pressing the title on any page.
  • Troubleshooting tips document also included- includes tip for printing (choose ‘fit to page’ and check the print preview to make sure nothing is cut off, before printing), and explanation of how to navigate the ‘no print’ version.
  • Binder spines, tabs, and additional low-ink cover option.
  • An updates list- This resource is updated regularly to fix errors, make changes, and keep up-to-date with research. You can redownload it at any time to get the most recent version. (Tip- Always redownload before you print, to make sure you have the most current version!).


Please note:

  • This Handbook has been designed for SLPs. It is very content-heavy, and most pages are not suitable to use as handouts for parents/caregivers. The Handbook has been designed to support you, the SLP/SLT, to deliver effective, evidence-based parent-coaching sessions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to use the Q&A feature, Thank you!


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