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Do your Early Intervention or caregiver coaching sessions feel overwhelming?

Do you feel overwhelmed with planning and preparing for your caregiver coaching sessions?
Are you unsure of how to coach caregivers effectively?
Do you wish you had research, tips, and strategies for coaching sessions at your fingertips?

I get it, it can feel overwhelming sometimes.
It can be hard to think of how to use language strategies during play and daily routines. And explaining those strategies to parents and caregivers can be even harder.
It is difficult finding the time to look up milestones or to source appropriate checklists so you can monitor progress.
And don’t even get me started with finding the time to keep up to date with current research and best practices.

It is a lot. And it can feel overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to feel that way.

The Early Intervention Handbook covers all of these Early Intervention topics, and more in a therapist-friendly, easy-to-use format.
So planning and delivering effective parent coaching sessions in Early Intervention is a breeze.

Image with example pages from the Early Intervention Handbook. At the bottom, black text on a pink background lists things the Handbook includes- "Evidence Overview, Language Strategies, Therapy Ideas, Milestones, Play Ideas, Covers Play and Daily Routines".

The Early Intervention Handbook includes:

Over 230 pages of evidence-based information for Early Intervention and caregiver coaching

  • Research overview- evidence-based overview for all things early intervention and parent coaching. Including parent-coaching best practices, parent-implemented interventions, routine-based interventions, play-based interventions, working with diverse families, and more.
  • Milestones- for a range of speech and language skills, including prelinguistic skills all the way to phonological processes.
  • Information for therapists- includes more evidence-based information about early intervention and parent coaching, including practical tips and therapy ideas for a range of skills. Covers imitation, joint attention, gestures, using books in therapy, developing attention and listening skills, cause and effect skills, songs, rhymes, and fingerplays, and more.
    Also includes an overview of research related to early language strategies, as well as a breakdown of 24 different language strategies. Perfect for any therapist working in Early Intervention.
  • Play-based therapy ideas- Includes 30 different toys, and ideas for how to use the 24 different language strategies with these toys and games. Plus, you never have to worry about thinking of a therapy activity again, because there are over 200 play ideas included too.
  • Routine-based therapy ideas- Includes 24 language strategies, and how to use these during 21 different daily routine activities. Play ideas are included for some of the routines too. Perfect for your parent coaching sessions in Early Intervention.
  • Out and About activity ideas- Includes 24 different language strategies, and ideas for how to use these with 4 different ‘out and about’ activity ideas, including going on a nature walk, going to the playground, grocery shopping, and in the car.
  • Additional useful links, recommended reading, and references are also included. The Early Intervention Handbook is the must-have guide for any therapist wanting to learn more about the parent coaching approach.

Currently being Updated!

The Early Intervention Handbook is currently being updated. It will include even MORE tips, ideas, and strategies for caregiver coaching in Early Intervention. Including a new section digging deeper into specific coaching strategies.
If you purchase the EI Handbook before it has been updated, you’ll get all the updates for free. Check out the Early Intervention Handbook here.

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