Image of a woman looking at an iPad with two preschool-age children during a Speech Therapy session. The young girl is playing in the iPad and the boy is looking over her shoulder. The text underneath reads "5 engaging Boom Card activities for Speech Therapy and EI".

3 Engaging Boom Cards for Speech Therapy and EI

Boom CardsTM are great to use in both in-person and virtual Speech Therapy sessions with children of all ages. In this blog post you’ll learn about 3 engaging Boom Cards you can use in your Speech and Language Therapy sessions today!

What are Boom CardsTM?

Boom Cards™ are digital task cards/activities/games that you play on the Boom LearningTM website. Each set of Boom Cards is called a “deck”. They are great for both in-person and virtual therapy sessions. These engaging activities:

  • Are fully digital. No printing, cutting, or laminating required. Purchase and use instantly.
  • Are interactive and self-grading. You can track data if you have a paid subscription.
  • Can be used with internet-connected devices: computers, tablets, Smartboards. An internet connection is required.
  • Can easily be assigned to students for them to practise at home.

You can purchase Boom Cards via Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) or the Boom Learning website. I personally recommend buying via TpT as you are able to earn credits when you leave feedback on paid items.
To learn more about Boom Cards and to set up your account visit the Boom Learning website–

How do I use Boom Cards in Speech Therapy sessions?

To use Boom Cards in your in-person Speech and Language Therapy sessions, you can download the Boom Learning app on your tablet/computer. Open the desired deck and complete the activity with the child, providing support and guidance as you would with any other therapy activity.

To use Boom Cards in your virtual, teletherapy Speech Therapy sessions, you need to visit the Boom Learning website, open the desired Boom Cards deck and then share your screen with your student via your teletherapy platform. If possible/appropriate, give your student the mouse control, and support them to complete the activities.

If you want to learn more about using Boom Cards in Speech and Language Therapy sessions, the Boom Learning support page has a huge range of FAQs and guidance to walk you step-by-step through the process.

3 engaging Boom Card activities to use in Speech Therapy and EI

There are a huge range of Boom Cards to choose from. You can purchase them via TpT or the Boom Learning website. Below are 3 engaging Boom Card activities that I have created, which you can use in your Speech Therapy and Early Intervention sessions, today!

1. Early Language Boom Cards™ for Basic Concepts & Core Words

Black text on a white background reads "Early Language Boom Cards™ for Basic Concepts and Core Words". The image shows a child's hand pointing at the screen on an iPad.

This adorable fishing themed Boom Cards™ deck targets a range of early language goals, including 8 basic concepts and various core words, in a fun and engaging way. These activities have been specifically designed so that they provide multiple opportunities for the child to hear and use the target words and phrases. Visuals and sentence strips are included in this Boom Cards deck, covering single words and phrases, making it perfect for children who are working on expanding their mean length of utterance (MLU). You can purchase this deck from both my TpT store and Boom Learning store now (a playable preview is available too, so you can try before you buy!)

2. Early Intervention Symbolic Sounds Boom Cards™

Black text on a white background reads "Early Intervention Symbolic Sounds Boom Cards". In the right corner is a picture of a child's hand pointing at an iPad screen, moving the interactive elements on the Boom Card activity in Speech Therapy.

This adorable Boom Cards deck is perfect for your late talkers. This engaging deck includes 40 digital activities for targeting symbolic sounds and exclamatory words. Each sound/word has its own interactive activity. Most cards have ideas for additional sounds/words you can target with the activity too.
There are activities for animal sounds, vehicle noises, environmental sounds, and exclamatory words. For example, move the car along the road to target “brum” (you can also target “zoom” or “beep beep”); feed the horse and model “neigh” (you could also model “mmm” and “yum”). The activities are designed to elicit multiple repetitions of the target sound/word in a fun and engaging way. Purchase this deck from my TpT store or Boom Learning store now.

Check out this post if you need more ideas for encouraging symbolic sounds and exclamatory words in your Early Intervention sessions.

3. Imitating Actions Boom Cards- includes GIFs

Black text on a white background reads "imitating actions Boom Cards with GIFs". There is an image of the 'clapping' activity shown on a white iPad.

Support your late talkers to practise their imitation skills with this entertaining Boom Cards deck. This fun and engaging Boom Cards deck includes 21 actions with animated GIFs. So the child can see the action happening in front of them. Perfect for Teletherapy! The deck also includes caregiver-friendly information about imitating actions and why this skill is important, so you can confidently share this deck for home practice. Grab your copy from my TpT store or my Boom Learning store now.

Where can I find more Boom Card decks?

If you’re keen to begin using Boom Cards in your Early Intervention and Speech Therapy sessions, you can find more Boom Cards via both TpT and the Boom Learning store. I have a growing range of Boom Card decks available in both my TpT store and the Boom Learning store, including 3 more decks I’ve not mentioned in this post. You can check out my range of Boom Card decks in my TpT store here. And if you’d prefer to shop via Boom Learning, you can visit my store here.