Easter Fun in the Speech Room!

I really enjoy celebrating Easter and Spring in my Speech and Language Therapy sessions! I often find that kids get quite excited about Easter and I think there’s something so lovely about the turn of a season! I wanted to share a few of my favourite activities and games which I do in my Speech Therapy sessions around Easter time!

Easter Speech Sound Worksheets
I like to use our Easter themed Speech Sound worksheets, to practise speech sounds in single words. These sheets are all no prep, so I just print the pages we need, grab some crayons and that’s the session planned!  They’re great to give out as homework too! I like using them for mixed groups as well because kids can colour in the pictures while they take it in turns to practise their words.

Here’s a glimpse of our free /l/ and /l/ blend worksheets that you can grab from our TpT store here.

Vintage Easter Eggs
A few years ago, my mum got me these awesome vintage style Easter eggs from a local charity shop and I bought a cute basket to keep the eggs in.


I use these eggs in a few different ways in my therapy sessions:
1. Find the chick: I put one pretend fluffy chick in one of the eggs and then put pictures for speech sounds/verbs/attributes etc. (whatever their target is) in the other eggs.  I mix all of the eggs up in the bucket and the kids then have to try and find the fluffy chick. If they find the pictures, they practise their sounds/describe the picture etc.  Once they find the fluffy chick, they get to keep it (for the session) and I put another fluffy chick in, we then put all the pictures back in the eggs, mix them all up again and do the activity again! It’s so simple and so motivating- and it requires hardly any prep!

2. Easter egg hunt: I put little pictures in the eggs and then hide the eggs around my therapy room. We then go on an Easter egg hunt, when they find an egg, they get to open it up and practice the word/describe the image etc. I like doing this activity because I get them to tell me where they found the eggs too- so we can link in prepositions, sentence formulation, using sounds in sentences etc.

3. Springtime Friends Freebie: A while ago I purchased a bunch of little Easter animals for just 25p a box, I knew I could use them in my therapy sessions as a reinforcer, so I created the ‘Springtime Friends’ game. When I play this game, I put one little animal in each egg, so they find a real object, but with this freebie I provided pictures of the animals, so you can play it too even if you don’t have the same animals!
How to play: The kids have to choose an egg, see which animal they got, and check on the chart how many points they earn.  They then say their speech sounds correctly that many times to earn the points, e.g. they get 3 points if they say their sounds 3 times!  I named mine ‘Easter Egg Friends’, but the freebie for you is called ‘Springtime Friends‘ so you can use it for a few weeks in your speech rooms too!

They’ve been well used; one poor sheep has lost an eye!
NB: Child’s name changed to ensure confidentiality. 
This game has been really fun to use and has given me loads of repetitions of speech sounds! Although I designed it to be used for speech sound practice, it can be used for most speech therapy targets! Such as naming items from a category, or generating sentences with verbs etc. I hope you can find this useful!  You can grab it in our TpT store here.
Easter Sequencing
I also like to use this fun sequencing activity from Language Speech & Literacy on TpT.  This cute sequencing activity is fun and easy to use and has helped us work on sequencing, describing and expanding utterances!
You can grab this cute freebie here.  She offers lots of different sequencing activities for free, I have them all & they’re great to use in Speech Therapy sessions!
Easter Following Directions Colouring Pack
Our following directions colouring packs are hugely popular and we love using them in our therapy sessions!  Our Easter Themed following directions pack has 7 Easter themed scenes with coloring instructions that contain directions of various lengths and complexity. Some of the instructions/direction types included are: 1 step, 2 step (e.g. First do X then do Y), and Temporal (before, after).  Kids love using them and they’re all no prep which makes therapy planning a breeze!
Springtime Language Pack
I also love to use the activities from this awesome Springtime Language Pack by Teaching Talking.  You can grab a copy of this from her TpT store here.   This pack has been great to use to address pronouns, but also includes activities for prepositions, verbs and formulating sentences!
Adorable, right?

I hope you’ve liked seeing some of the activities we’ve used in Speech Therapy on the run up to Easter!

If you’re wanting to find more Easter and Spring themed activities, why not check out this super list by Speech Sprouts which is full of Easter freebies or the Spring edition of the 25 Speech & Language Products You Can’t Live Without by Speech Therapy Fun & The Speech Space. 

What fun things do you do for Easter in your Speech and Language Therapy sessions?  I’d love to hear, drop us a comment below!

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Post updated 18th March 2017.